Powershell Momentum

Last night I went to the Intro to PowerShell meetup which was a great crash course on Powershell (a scripting language). The Per Scholas family (my classmates) showed up full force for a night of learning. That’s the powershell pose. Special thanks to Konstantin and Sunny for creating the event!


It was a full day for me job shadowing within the IT department at AppNexus (which was awesome because I got an intense walkthrough of Jamf- an enterprise management software for the apple platform) and then a night of PowerShell at the Microsoft Center. It was my first tech meetup and I was impressed. The best takeaway from the event was having a new understanding and love for PowerShell. There was also a mind blowing moment where Instructor Sunny used PowerShell to call a volunteer in the room with a personalized automated massage. Pretty cool.

To continue this momentum and keep on track with my goals, I’ve started reading Learn Windows PowerShell in a Month of Lunches by Don Jones. I’ll keep you posted how it goes.

Alisha the Writer

I write poetry.

I write code.

And now I write scripts!




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